SureConnect Install Kit
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 January, 2008.

SureConnect Install Kit

Model XMSC-1
Manufacturer XM
Price:   $19.99

XM Satellite Radio - XM has introduced a new technology, XM SureConnect, for listening to XM through your FM radio. XM SureConnect is an antenna that provides XM subscribers with the best sound quality possible.

Just attach the SureConnect Coupling Clip to your antenna*, attach the XM Car Antenna to the Coupling Module, and run to the Ant In on your car dock. Installation is actually quite easy.

Note: For use ONLY with SureConnect car kits. Not for use with original car kits.

Does my receiver/ car kit have SureConnect?

There are a few ways you can tell if your receiver/ car kit has SureConnect:

SureConnect receivers and SureConnect car kits come in red and black packaging. Receivers and car kits WITHOUT SureConnect come in white blister packs

You can also tell by the model number (located on the receiver)

* Note: XM SureConnect was not designed for use on retractable FM antennas and some FM antennas that are custom shapes that were designed to match the styling of the vehicle. If your vehicle has either of these types of FM antennas, you will not be able to use the XM SureConnect accessory. You will need to use the FM Direct Adapter SA10112.

The included Contact Bracket has an adhesive used to hold on to on-glass antennas. The SureConnect Couple Kit is NOT returnable or exchangeable if adhesive has been used.

Note: Does NOT include XM antenna.